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The Taste and Feel of Paradise©

A New Dawn for Coconut Oil

Enjoy the South Pacific with the taste of our delightful 100% Organic Coconut Oils. These pure Coconut oils echoes the pristine environment of its origin.

Nature's Approved Coconut Oil made with Green Processing - renewable fuel!

Green Farming plus Green processing!

Our Coconut Oil is made using RENEWABLE Fuel! 

The best and healthiest way to serve or use garlic flavor!!! Delicious for dipping, stir frying, and soups. It has a full round comforting flavor with a slight kick to finish. Read More...

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NEW 100%Organic Peppermint Coconut Oil

Experience the cool aromatic sensation of our unique Organic Peppermint Coconut Oil. Read More...

 Can be used as a body oil, make up remover, skin softener, shaving crème, lip balm, and a cool relaxing massage.  Great for Oil Pulling!

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100% Organic Long Life Coconut Oil

 Organic extra virgin coconut oil,  with high tocotrienols (Vitamin E) and Carotenes for added health benefits.  Pets Prefer this Coconut oil. For the skin & hair. Excellent butter replacement. Read More...

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100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Coconut oils are  not refined, bleached or deodorized (RBD).   It is also not hydrogenized nor altered by fermentation, which allows it to retain beneficial properties from the oil and plant sterols. Read More...

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Assorted  3-PACK

Choose any 3 (16 oz jars) of our flavored  Coconut Oils

Original Coconut Oil

Garlic Coconut Oil

Peppermint Coconut Oil

Long Life Coconut Oil


Transform Your Dental Health with Oil Pulling? The Latest Health Trend

Benefits of Oil Pulling Whitens Teeth Strengthens Teeth,Gums,& Jaw Eliminated Bad Breath Relieves Headaches Clears Sinuses Research suggests that Oil Pulling inhibits the growth of some strains of  bacteria.  
History of Oil Pulling more


Use our New Organic Peppermint Coconut Oil!

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50% off on All Grape Seed Flour Products.

All Natural & Organic Grapeseed Flour Available Sizes;
8 oz bags, 4lb & 18lb pails & 55lb bags.


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