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Nature's Approved
Organic Centrifuge Coconut Oil (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK)

The centrifuge oil comes from white coconut meat (from coconuts picked at just the right maturity level) and put through a rigorous selection method in which only the quality meat is chosen to be used for our Nature's Approved Organic Centrifuged Coconut Oil.  Coconut milk is produced first by pressing the undried coconut meat then put through a centrifuge machine multiple times to separate out the water.  The result is a high quality coconut oil with minimal coconut flavor, whiter than our cold pressed, which is great for cooking if you want to avoid a coconutty flavor and just as great to consume by itself (in smoothies or spread on toast). 

Our cold pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is double green and a worthy alternative already sold to many raw foodists.

The lack of strong taste indicates that the plant sterols and flavonoids may be mostly water soluble and partly separated out with the water.  This makes the taste mild and very pleasant and the oil is whiter.  A good diet yields more plant sterols and flavonoids from other fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.
The centrifuge process is more expensive than cold pressed due to the extra steps needed with the non dried coconut meat. The end product however is a delightful change. 

Our Nature's Approved Organic Centrifuged Coconut Oil comes from a family owned, multi-generational coconut farm in Central America, dedicated to producing quality oil and committed to adhering to the strict guidelines of organic certification.


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1 gal Organic Centrifuge Oil $69 (Sale Price=$52.90)
(Purchasing multiple packs allows for lower freight costs per gallon)
2 gal Organic Centrifuge Oil $140 (Sale Price= $89.90)
4 gal Organic Centrifuge Oil $280 (Sale Price= $179.90)
5 gal Organic Centrifuge Oil $299 (Sale Price= $199)
 (Temporarily Out of Stock)



If you are intersted in our Cold Pressed :

Extra Virgin Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

1 gal $47.90 
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Canada & Mexico
Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands

(Purchasing multiple packs allows for lower freight costs per gallon)
2 gal $92.90

4 gal $185.80
5 gal $189.00   (Temporarily Out of Stock)
Two 30oz jars $37.98
One 30oz jar $21.00 

This is a delightful oil with a significant coconut taste.  You may want to try our 30oz jar before you buy the 1 or 5 gallons.

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Dr. Oz

has come out strongly for three critical rewards of Coconut Oil :


We know it does a lot more than this but he only covered these three items in his first mention of Coconut Oil.



Coconut oil has been called the ‘healthiest dietary oil on earth.’

“If you’re not using coconut oil for your daily cooking and body care needs you’re missing out on one of nature’s most amazing health products.”  

-  Bruce Fife, Certified Nutritionist, Naturopathic Doctor, author of The Coconut Miracle

Due precisely to the production method, the coconut oil we provide thereby retains plant sterols and tocotrienols: Tocotrienol intake could result in bioactive concentrations (click for article)-- Read this article to learn more: Fat Facts - on selecting healthy dietary facts - Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH


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